CD 145 "B" with HUGE metal chunk! !


From April 18, 2001:

.....I was out pole picking with my friend Gord, and we pulled down 100+ pieces, some extremely black from train smoke. After we got home, we did the traditional pick-off. I called and lost the toss, allowing Gord to pick the most "valuable" (by the book) item, a CD 154 Diamond [040] CNR blotout, but I got second place, a Dominion 154 [030] with SDP. All the rest were 154 Diamonds and Dominions in the usual colors; CD 145 B, Hemingray, and GNW Tel Co's; CD 152 Hemi's and Diamonds, and a lone CD 162 Hemi with backwards 1 on top, and a 162 HGCo, the first we've ever seen on a pole up here.

Well, I am still cleaning my finds from last weekend, but made a cool discovery yesterday... a plain old CD 145 B in dark green (perhaps even teal?) aqua that has a HUGE piece of something in it!!! This is one of the insulators that was *pitch black* both inside and out, save for a tiny spot of green aqua just visible at the dome if you looked up through the pinhole. The inclusion looks like a hunk of rusty metal, frozen in time, with some wisps of amber drizzling down from it. The main piece is fully 1-1/2" long and just over 1/2" across at its widest, and the smaller piece attached to it is about 1/2" long by just under 1/2" across. It will be a challenge to get decent pics of this because it is SOOO dark, but when we do, we will post these too!

It was just the luck of the draw that I ended up with it. Can't wait to show Gord!! Then again, these were so dark that maybe he has some neat items to show me.



Full view of insulator with ??? in it...



Closeup of huge hunk of junk! ! !


A better view of the smaller piece on the left.



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