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Hi, my name is Mike Csorbay, and I've been interested in insulators for many years, having lived near one of the oldest railway lines in Ontario, and having collected a few while exploring along the tracks.  Recently, I became serious about collecting, and have spent many hours during the last few years walking the old lines with my wife Debbie, and amassing quite a collection along the way.  These pages will be a place for photos of our finds, trades, and purchases, and hopefully we can also entertain and inform readers about this interesting hobby.

We're always interested in what you might have, and in buying and trading for insulators we don't already have. We're particularly interested in Canadian glass of any type, and in early threaded and threadless pieces.

If you would like more information about collecting insulators,
or have some insulators you'd like a good home for, please contact us at:

or phone us at: (905)772-3101

Thank you!




  We had this window box made to display our insulators, and filled it up in about 20 minutes. We knew we were in trouble..... :-)


So we decided we needed more space to display our insulators. We had a big wall with a door in it that seemed to need a "little something". So we took the wall and the door out and built shelves. What a change!



This is a photo of the shelves from inside the room. We like it so much that we're wondering what other walls in our house are expendable. ;-)


This is a close-up of some of the insulators on the shelves. Top row are CD 152's, next are 164's, 162's, and two rows of 145's.

Below is another close-up of the shelves. The top two rows are CD 145's (beehives), in the next row 143's (baby beehives) on the left and 145's on the right, the next 4 rows are various embossings and styles of CD 143's, the second to last row are 133's and 134's (signal style), and the bottom row is a mix of various CD (pony) styles on the left and CD 102's (ponies) on the right.


This is a close-up of part of one shelf with 6 early unembossed, threaded CD 143's. On the left is a very short ("stubby") single-threaded, next is a short double-threaded 143, third is a tall (4 1/4"!) double-threaded, fourth is a tall variant, single threaded in a double-threaded mold style, fifth is a threaded version of a 743.2 ("cannonball") and last is a threaded 743.1 style. These insulators all date from 1870 to 1885.

We belong to an internet group for people who like insulators. It's called ICON (for Insulator Collectors On the Net). For tons of information about collecting insulators, or to join the group, just click on the logo below!

We're also members of the National Insulator Association.
Please visit them by clicking on the NIA logo below.

Please visit the Insulator Collectors On the Net Webring!


Sweet Dreams and Happy Hunting!


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