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  Grooming... On Site or In-home

Grooming services provided by us include wing clipping, beak and nail trimming, band removal, and samples taken for DNA testing, done expertly while you wait.

Debbie has been grooming birds for 24 years, and Mike has been assisting by gently holding them for her for almost 19 years.  We allow customers to watch if they wish, and we can offer advice and demonstrate methods to those who wish to do some grooming of their birds themselves. However, most people prefer to have someone else groom their birds, because some birds may become resentful if the owner attempts it. We can also give advice and an introductory taming demonstration on untamed or difficult-to-handle birds following the clip.

On-site grooming
prices are as follows:

Wing clip, nail trim, & beak trim for:

Budgie, Parrotlet, Lovebird $12.00
Cockatiel, Conure, Quaker, Caique $15.00
Amazon, African Grey, Cockatoo, Eclectus $20.00-25.00
Large Macaw $30.00-35.00

For your convenience, we can now come to your home.

In-home Grooming prices (below) vary according to distance travelled, with the initial charge covering the first bird. Additional birds at the same address are at our regular prices quoted above.

10-25 minutes distance  $25-30.00   -   additional birds at regular price
30-45 minutes distance $30-45.00   -   additional birds at regular price
45-60 minutes distance $45-60.00   -   additional birds at regular price
1 to 1 1/2 hour distance $60-80.00   -   additional birds at regular price


We can board your pet bird in the family area of our home, and care for him/her as we would our own.  Prices are variable, depending on the length of the stay.
Please see the table below:

Weekend (our minimum charge) $25
3-day Weekend $30
One Week $55
Two Weeks $90
Three Weeks $125
One Month $150
***  There will be an additional one-time charge
if we supply the cage. ***

Genetic Sexing Submissions

We can take a feather sample, or blood sample from a cut toenail, for submission to a DNA lab for genetic analysis to determine the sex of your bird. The lab fee is $15.00 + H.S.T., and we charge a $10 handling fee to provide this service. For an additional charge, the lab can also provide DNA fingerprinting, which is accurate in determining bloodlines, and useful for proving ownership in case of loss or theft. Please call to book an appointment.



The best place to evaluate and correct a negative behaviour is in the bird's home. When a bird is removed from the home (his territory), he will not display the same characteristics because he does not feel dominant in the new location. Training a bird in another environment will only work temporarily, and once the bird is returned to his home, he will know he is back in the place where the behaviour works, and it will start again. We can help with behavioural problems, such as biting, screaming, chewing, and multiple-pet rivalry in your home. As well, we can advise on other issues, such as cage or aviary set-up, breeding set-up, genetics, or provide reference materials in your home or ours. Please call, and we can set up an appointment for a reasonable fee.


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Please Contact Us if you are interested
in any of these services...thank you!

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